IMG_6398Hi, I’m Jenna. I live in the Sunshine state with my¬†two beautiful daughters and my amazing hubby. I studied English with a concentration in Writing Studies at USF. I have always had a passion for writing, especially blogging! During my time there, I had the amazing opportunity to write for Her Campus, an online magazine. After graduating with my BA, I’ve been venturing off on my own to see what I like to do. Writing has always had a special place in my heart, but recently, I’ve discovered that I love DIYing. What is more fun than being surrounded by a bunch of cute things that you created yourself? It’s satisfying, and may I mention addicting? After discovering this, I’ve been hooked! I’ve been planning birthday parties and decorating (Jennafying) my entire home. I decided to do a mashup of my two favorite things, and that’s when I created this blog!

Venture off with me in discovering the cutesy parts of life. I’m here to have fun and share my tips and tricks with others. Let’s get c r e a t i v e !