Unicorns Are Upon Us Party Supplies

Recently, I have been thinking about what theme I want to do for my daughter’s second birthday. I know, I know . . it isn’t until August, but I’m a planner, okay? I knew I wanted something bright with lots and lots of pastel colors. That’s when the idea of UNICORNS popped into my head. Not only are they cute and majestic, but they’d totally rock for a two year old.

This idea came to me right before Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappucino was released (which I heard was a total bust by the way). After this whole “I need to Instagram/Snap my Frap” trend came out, I noticed that many stores also started selling unicorn items. Coincidence or not?  I’m not sure, but all I know is that UNICORNS ARE UPON US, which is totally cool with me!

I went on a shopping spree, but the best thing is that I only spent $40! *Gasps* It is possible to throw a totally girly, cute, and fun party without hurting your wallet! Below I have listed all of the items that I purchased and where.


I scored this little gem at Target in their little dollar section for only $3. It’s pastel pink and coordinates with the color scheme so well. I was thinking that I would use this to either post details about the birthday girl or to write down a list of the food items, which will have all cutesy unicorn names btw! There are an endless amount of ideas for what I can use this for and the best thing is that it is reusable! Definitely check out the dollar section at Target. They always have cute, trendy items without a big price tag.


I went to Michael’s to grab some items to create slime with for my eldest daughter (not sure what the hype is about) and found this. It contains ombre banner sheets. It is originally $7.99, but I used one of Michael’s coupons and got it for $4. I thought this would work well for writing “Happy Birthday” or maybe even spelling out my daughter’s name. I’ve seen a bunch of cute unicorn banners on Etsy, but thought that I could make my own for half the money and it will look just as cute, if not cuter! This item is colorful and reminds me of a rainbow.


After finding the slime for my eldest daughter, I remember asking the store associate if they had any unicorn items. She had told me no, so I sadly walked around the store to see what I could put together myself until I found a section full of unicorn items! I thought to myself, “She just wanted to keep all of the unicorns for herself” but I cashed in on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Ah, HA! This is a mini piñata. It was $5.99, but I had a 60% off coupon (yes, they let you stack coupons if you ask) which reduced it to $2.40. I am going to use it as a little decor piece on the dessert table. It is a little kit that you create yourself, which is awesome, because I can include my daughters in on the fun!


This was another item that I found in the little unicorn section. It includes props for an enchanted photo booth. This was $19.99, but I brought my husband along for the fun ride and had him purchase this so that he could cash in on the coupons. After using the 60% off coupon, it totaled out to $8. This kit includes 98 pieces. Some are an “under the sea theme” so I decided that I’ll just use the unicorn ones and save those for the future (mermaids are almost as equally cute as unicorns). It is another kit that you build yourself – another arts and crafts project that I can do with my daughters and turn it into a family bonding activity. SCORE!


Now this one may have been my favorite of all! I have been searching for a unicorn backdrop, but they’re so expensive. The cheapest options I found have found are still around $60, which is totally uncool. So, when I found this, it was AMAZEBALLS. This will work perfectly for the backdrop. It includes 89 pieces, wow! I believe this will tie in the entire theme together and just make it magical.


I saved the best savings for last. These little babies were 50 cents each! Yes, you heard me right, f i f t y c e n t s. I know, I totally scored at Michaels this day. The little tags on the left are made out of wood and have a cute ombre pattern. I think I will attach them to the gift bags for the party or on the food items. For the middle item, they are adhesive words spelling “celebrate” “party” and “birthday.” I think I will scatter these around the eating table. For those little bottles on the right, I think I will use them for little rainbow colored treats for the dessert table. You definitely can’t go with spending less than a dollar on these!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my daughter’s party preparations. It is still months away, so I will continue to update with more items. Planning this far ahead helps spread out the cost, but these items were already so cheap that it can still definitely be done last minute for all you procrastinators.




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